Model: 14 four-in-one LED waterproof wall lamp

14 30W waterproof wall lamp is a high-power outdoor LED dyeing projection lamp. It uses 30W RGBW four-in-one LED high brightness bead light source. Optical design uses diamond friction surface high-efficiency lens. The projection mixing light is very uniform and the dyeing effect is bright. The lamp has beautiful appearance, novel structure, fast heat dissipation and other functions, which greatly improves the life and performance of LED beads. The waterproof grade of lamps and lanterns is IP65, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor stage dyeing, urban lighting engineering dyeing, landmark building dyeing and landscape lighting dyeing.

Technical parameters:

Power input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power: 400W

Light source: 14 ultra-bright 30W four-in-one LED beads

Optical angle: 15 degree/25 degree/45 degree (optional)

Channel: 9CH/23CH/56CH/65CH

Signal Input/Output: Waterproof Triple Needle Cannon Head

Power Input/Output: Waterproof Power Wire Head

Control mode: DMX512, self-propelled built-in program, master-slave mode

Control panel: digital display menu control

Effect: Built-in multi-variable effect, high-power wall lamp dyeing, single-point single-control horse background dyeing effect

IP Level: IP65

Product size: 1006 x 94 x 170 (mm)

Net weight: 5KG

Suitable places: indoor and outdoor stage dyeing, urban brightening engineering dyeing, landmark building dyeing, landscape lighting dyeing


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