Model: Animation RGB laser

10w/5w Animation RGB laser high-speed optical scanner to create animated graphics, beam show and graphics show, patterns and with the function of unique blanking, Frequently flashing, rotating movement. Billowing, zoom in and out. Drawing and speed etc. built in 128 Beam and pattern effect.  Can connect with the Pangolin software.


Laser Diode Type: TTL diodes/analog laser diodes 

 Laser ware length: 

     10w ( R:638nm 3000mw,

            G:532nm  2000mw,   B:445nm 5000mw.)

      5w  R:638nm 1000mw,G:532nm 1000mw,  

             B:445nm 3000mw.

 Scanner :  High-speed optical scanner 30/40kpps 

 Scanning angle  +/-30

 Control:  signal international standard ILDA

 DMX Channels:  12 CH

Control mode:  sound   control, auto-run, DMX512, Slave/Master, ILDA PC software control DMX512

Voltage:  AC95-240V    50/60Hz

Product size:  43x33x29(cm)

Weight: 23KG



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