COLOR WASH IP is a high-power outdoor LED color wash light. It adopt 60 piece of 15W 4in1 RGBW  LED as the light source. The optical part uses high-efficiency optical lens. The light mixes evenly after passing through the lens. The light efficiency is higher than that of ordinary lenses. The lamp has beautiful appearance and novel structure. It uses a new type of waterproof fan to dissipate heat, which greatly improves the life and performance of LED. The waterproof grade reaches IP65, which is suitable for outdoor stage dyeing, architectural decoration and exhibition hall, gymnasium, landmark building etc.

Technical parameter

Power input: AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power: 720W

Light Source: Imported 60 Ultra-bright 15W 4IN1 LED RGBW color

           16.7 million Mix-color.

Beam angle: 25° (15, 45 ° optional)

Channel mode: 4/5/9CH

Dimming Curve: 4 linear dimming curve from 0-100%

Signal Input/Output: 3pin or 5pin DMX connector

Power Input/Output: Neutrik PowerCON TRUE1 Socket

Cooling system: three silent waterproof fans

Ambient temperature: - 20 to 40 degrees centigrade

Maximum lamp body temperature: 70 C

Waterproof coefficient: IP65

Body size: 50cm x 26cm x 30cm(LxWxH)

N.W: 10kg

External control mode

DMX512 console control, master-slave control, self-propelled mode

Built-in program

Various Gradient and Pulse Effects

Various stroboscopic effects: variable speed (from slow to fast), mixing (stroboscopic + background, stroboscopic + gradient)...

Self-programming: Powerful, practical and interesting programming functions. It can be programmed without console to realize gradient, jump, stroboscopic and so on.



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