PROSTROBE (The 3000 LED STROBE )is the perfect blend of a traditional strobe and cutting-edge LED technology.

it is not only s strobe, but also a creative tool that incorporates backlight illumination with RGB-controlled LEDs, pointing into the reflector. it delivers stunning eye cady looks similar to the Aura(backlight) array.

  • brightest LED-based strobe on the market.

  • unique RGB-controlled Aura backlight for stunning eye cany looks.

  • channels same as Matin Atomic 3000 LED


  • Classic reflector look

  • Aura backlight(RGB) into reflector

  • dimmable house-light function at reduced brightness and power consumption

  • LED and Xenon mode available via menu and DMX control channel.

  • 4 button menu and LCD display for quick and easy setting adjustment.

  • Cleaver rigging and bracket solution.

  • 4 Channels DMX mode ad Atomic 3000( easy replacement)

  • 14 Channels Extened DMX mode incl. Aura control and internal FX marcro

Technical Specifications

light source: 228x3w white LEDs (strobe)

                          64x036w RGB LEDs( backlight) array

minimum LED lifetime: 50000 hours

Resolution: 8 bits per color plus 8-bit dimming

Control system: DMX

DMX channels: 3/4/14 channels( same as Matin Atomic)

Setting:  Control panel with backlit monochrome display

N.W: 7kg

G.W: 8.5kg

Packing size: 50x24x34cm(1 pcs/carton)

                          52x50x39cm (2 pcs/carton)

Flightcase: 80x60x69cm (6pcs in 1 case)



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LS1200A LED Strobe Light

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